Kates Story

We first found out that we were pregnant in September 2009; following our first cycle of IVF treatment, after years of unexplained infertility – we were absolutely ecstatic!
I had a normal pregnancy, with very few problems, other than a urine infection – we reached our due date without too many problems.

It was early morning and I had a ‘show’ on Thursday 13th May 2010 (which was actually my due date given by my IVF doctor who had transferred the embryo back in 2009), but 4 days after the due date given by Warrington. I called the Labour ward – as I had been experiencing irregular contractions for the past 2 weeks …. I had an appointment to see my community midwife later that morning; the Labour ward advised me to keep my appointment where I was going to find out if I was favourable for a ‘sweep’.

I was not favourable, as the community midwife checked the usual signs of the baby before she checked to see if I was ready to be ‘brought on’. The baby’s heartbeat was regular and the baby was engaged and ready to come at any time, we were advised. Once she had done the checks on my cervix – she re applied the Doppler equipment to check on the heartbeat of the baby – as it was moving around erratically, she was unable to locate the heartbeat for a 2nd time. We were sent away with a thoroughly, although unusually active baby having a rummage around in my tummy!

What we later learned was quite shocking to be truthful!

That appointment was to be one of the last times I was to feel my baby moving around inside me…. Later that evening I believe was when the baby passed away.
The baby came to rest eventually in a very still lump curled up on my right hand side. Having not felt any movement by lunchtime the next day I called the ANDU nurse and she advised to come in to have a trace …. This was unsuccessful – needless to say, I was taken to the ultra sound scanning room, where my baby was found to have ‘no heartbeat’. Devastated.

My husband was called to come to the hospital from work and we were taken into another ‘counselling’ room away from the main unit. We were given the information regarding what was going to happen next ….. A consultant was called down to talk to us from the Labour ward & I was given 2 tablets to take (this would bring on my already imminent labour).

40 weeks & 5 days – we had a dead baby inside of me that had to make its way out of there somehow! This was the part that I had not bargained on …. How do I give birth to a dead baby??

My labour came on during the next 24 hours & by Sunday 16th May 2010 – I had delivered an angel boy – sleeping.

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